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Lights, Camera, Math 'a' Magic

Lights, Camera, Math 'a' Magic touring selected primary schools across Northern Ireland from 29 April to 26 June 2014.

Cahoots NI’s Math ‘a’ Magicians are coming to a school near you. 

Key Stage 2 pupils and their teachers can expect to be bamboozled and delighted with extraordinary feats of mathematical mind reading and illusion accompanied by a visually engaging multi-media show.  At the end of the performances, pupils will be presented with their very own Cahoots NI Math 'a' Magic book which contains instructions and guidance on how to become a Math 'a' Magician - a fantastic learning tool.

After the roaring success of Cahoots NI’s and Danske Bank’s award-winning Math ‘a’ Magic  production, which toured five times to hundreds of primary schools across Northern Ireland, Cahoots NI launched a spectacular new show entitled Lights, Camera, Math ‘a’ Magic in 2012.  It encompasses all of the maths, magic and illusion of the first Math ‘a’ Magic show but on a larger scale and with an incredible multi-media twist. This hugely successful show is back on the road, thanks to support from Danske Bank. Lights, Camera, Math ‘a’ Magic will be touring to selected primary schools throughout Northern Ireland from 29th April - 26th June 2014.


Event Details

Key Stage 2

Duration: 1hr

Tour Dates

Touring selected primary schools across Northern Ireland from 29th April until 26th June 2014.

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