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The Gift

Award winning Children’s Theatre Company Cahoots NI presents ‘The Gift’, a theatre experience like no other, written by award winning playwright Charles Way and Directed by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney 

The Gift is a unique theatrical experience;  a sensory, evocative journey that tells the story of brother and sister, Mary and Keith. When Mary receives ‘The Gift’ everything changes and their lives begin to move in very different directions.  

This amazing story is told through the memories of Mary as the audience literally travel inside her mind and experiences the story from within, where sound, touch and smell create an unforgettable immersive theatrical experience for children aged 8+. 

Prepare to be amazed and enchanted by this unique and delightful production!

Event Details

Age Suitability: 8+

Duration: 1 hr

Tour Dates

Belfast Children’s Festival

6 - 13 March 2015

Friday, 6 March:           10:30 & 18:00

Saturday, 7 March:       12:00 & 16:00

Monday, 9 March:        10:30 & 18:00

Tuesday, 10 March:      10:30 & 18:00

Wednesday, 11 March: 10:30 & 18:00

Thursday, 12 March:     16:30 & 19:30

Friday, 13 March:          10:30 & 18:00

Upper Mall, Unit 70, CastleCourt Shopping Centre, Belfast

Box office: 028 9024 3042 /

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