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Lights, Camera, Math 'a' Magic

Cahoots NI’s team of magical Math ‘a’ Magicians replace text books with mind-blowing puzzles, dazzling skill and lots of magic and illusions…all with a mathematical twist! The Math ‘a’ Magicians demonstrate the magic of maths in this fun, interactive show, as they perform extraordinary feats of mind-reading, misdirection and illusion that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike.  At the end of each performance pupils will receive there very own copy of our Lights, Camera, Math ‘a’ Magic book which explains how some of the tricks they saw worked as well as added tricks and puzzles.  

Lights, Camera, Math ‘a’ Magic has a number of educational benefits with links to the Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 2 such as Mathematics and Numeracy, Language and Literacy, The Arts and Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.

For more information please contact us on tel: 028 90 4343 49


Event Details

Key Stage 2

Duration: 1 hour


Tour Dates

30 April - 12 June 2015

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