Cahoots NI

Company Information

Cahoots NI is a Belfast based theatre company, founded by Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney and Zoe Seaton, which produces world class work for children and their families.

Cahoots NI has produced boldly innovative work for young children since 2001, some staged in conventional theatre venues and some in purpose-designed sites, specific locations, schools and healthcare settings. Cahoots NI’s distinctive performance style combines the visual delight of theatre with the age-old fascination of magic and illusion.

Cahoots NI tours its productions to ever growing audiences at home in Northern Ireland and across the world, where their work has been enthusiastically acclaimed in the UK, Asia and America.

Meet the team

Find out who’s who in the Cahoots NI Belfast office

Paul Mc Eneaney

Artistic Director

Marianne Crosslé

Fundraising Officer

Matthew Bradley

Operations Manager

Emma Wilson

Creative Engagement Manager

Members of the board

Gillian White (Co-Chair and Vice) · Stephen Wright (Co-Chair and Vice) · George Bleeks · Lynne Flemming · Padraig Coyle ·
Jill Mc Eneaney · Rory Cowan · Aidan McGrath